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  1. Grow beard faster

    Beard growth Some people like to keep light hair growth on their face while there are others who just want a thicker growth. These different types of beard growth reflect the personality of a person. On an average people who want to look manly and aggressive want to keep beard...
  2. Beards, how to take care of them?

    The small things As more and more people choose to grow out a beard because they are very fashionable, there are more and more options that we are able to do with our facial hair to increase the rate at which it grows as well as ways that we are...
  3. Beard grooming

    Introduction Beard grooming plays a very imperative role in keeping the beard healthy and strong. A well trimmed and shining beard has always been the first choice of men since a long time. There are many different ways of grooming the beard which are very useful. Some of the important...
  4. Beard care

    Introduction Keeping a beard or not is entirely your own decision. The beard plays a major role in our appearance and one should take proper care of it. However, proper care of beard is neglected in a big way in the lives of men. One should not be careless when...
  5. Growing a beard and social perception

    It would have been extremely helpful if there was a simple answer for each and every aesthetics related question out there. Media shows us how men are supposed to look like, but the hard reality is that it just doesn’t work that way. Or at least it shouldn’t. The only...

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