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Beard Growther Product Reviews

When it comes to growing your beard words like “Blood”, “Sweat”, and “Tears” come to mind. Not Anymore! Find out how Growther by Beard Farmer has helped out those looking for a longer, fuller and nicer beard. (Videos of Growther Oil reviews on the bottom of page)

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Beard Growther Product Reviews




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Do you have a testimonial or video review of Growther that you would like to submit? Upload it to Youtube and then send us the link at CustomerReview@beardfarmer.com and we will have it up as soon as we receive it.

Beard Farmer supports beard growers all over the world. Growther has worked with all skin types, ages and races. We encourage users who do video receives to discuss many things that could benefit other users.  Below you will find some common questions to passively answer during your review.  These questions are what most users look for when researching our product.


1. How fast did your beard grow? (You can put a measurement on it or percentage.)

Example: My beard grew 2.5 inches compared to my normal growth of .5 inches; or My beard grew 5 times faster.

2. Is your beard thicker after using Growther by Beardfarmer.com?

3. Did Growther moisturize your beard?

4. Did the product condition your beard?

5. Does Growther smell refreshing? What does it smell like?  (Most users say a mix of citrus and cedar or a light after shave that feels refreshing)

6. What does the packaging look like?

7. Are the instructions clear and easy to follow?

8. Have you been getting more compliments on your beard after using our product?

9. Would you recommend the product to your friends?

10. On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being the best what would you personally rank the the product. (If not a ten explain why.)


Who are we as sellers? 

See below about what our customers are saying about us! 100% feedback on all sales channels .

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